Ramona ponzini X Salvo

Trees are columns with clouds on top

Side A: dipingere (09:09)
Side B: guardare (09:11)

Ramona Ponzini
field recordings, Japanese bells & wind chimes
Produced & mixed in June 2019
by Ramona Ponzini and RPM Watts
Design by Archive Appendix
Text by Luca Cerizza

Paintings by Salvo
L’autogrill, 2014, oil on canvas, 140 x 190 cm
Bar, 2015, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

Limited to 20 copies, numbered and signed.

Composed for “Ventiquattr’ore di luce”, Salvo’s first solo show at the Turin-based Norma Mangione Gallery, “Trees are Columns with Clouds on Top” is a direct homage to the light-oriented painting style of the late Italian Master.
Utilizing a combinations of singing and a particular use of field recordings, collected from 2004 to present in Japan and in international museum settings, Ramona Ponzini composes the two sides of the record interpreting in a musical key both the creation phase and the fruition of Salvo’s major painting “L’autogrill” (2014), fully depicted on the cover.

“At the level of composition, the process adopted by Ponzini follows the most purely conceptual character of Salvo’s work. Not only the idea of “editing” that we can find in his early photomontages, or in the lists of some of his paintings, but how much “sampling” there is in his painting, made not only of references to art history, but of practically codified elements (trees, clouds, ruins, minarets, etc.) that continually recur in many of his works.” (extract from Luca Cerizza’s accompanying text)


Transparent Winter

SIDE A: Mars Appears

SIDE B: The Mountain

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, metal and wooden Japanese wind chimes
Maurizio Opalio: acoustic guitar
Roberto Opalio: mini-keyboard, bodhran, alientronics, wordless vocalizations

Recorded July 16-17, 2010, Alien Zone studio, Western Alps, Italy
Produced, engineered and mixed by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio

B&W film photos by Ramona Ponzini

LP, Blackest Rainbow, 2011 – BRR220


Transparent Winter follows on from the debut release on the always excellent Time-Lag label and releases on the equally great PSF, Opax and A Silent Place. Painting Petals On Planet Ghost is the trio of Ramona Ponzini with Roberto & Maurizio Opalio (aka My Cat Is An Alien). Here they return for a new full length vinyl release on Blackest Rainbow. PPOPG create some wonderfully fragile and unusual experiments that fall somewhere between folk, psychedelia and drone. Ramona Ponzini sings in Japanese as well as contributing ‘furin, metal and wooden japanese wind chimes’. These are combined with Maurizio Opalio on acoustic guitar, and Roberto Opalio on ‘mini keyboard, bodhran, alientronics, and wordless vocalizations’. The trio’s eclectic setup helps them create some truly luscious and mysterious music that is perfectly fragile, strange, distant and delicate. ‘Mars Appears’ is a hazy dream piece with layered guitars, strange electronics and Ramona’s perfectly delivered Japanese vocals drawing the listener in surrounded by a strange but perfect fitting created by the Opalio brothers musical output. ‘The Mountain’ is equally as otherworldly as the previous sides track, with swirling strings and out of this world electronics created by Roberto and Maurizio. Whilst Ramona’s vocal are almost delivered in a trance like state. A extremely beautiful record with a gorgeous organic feel to it. The record is housed in a sleeve featuring film photographs of flowers. Edition of 250 copies pressed on 140gram virgin vinyl. (Blackest Rainbow)

My Cat Is An Alien, Ramona Ponzini, Lee Ranaldo

All is lost in translation

Maurizio Opalio: electric guitar, percussion

Roberto Opalio: wordless vocals, electric guitar, space toys, alientronics

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, lyrics taken from Yosano Akiko’s poems, Japanese wind chimes and hand percussion

Lee Ranaldo: lyrics and vocals, electric guitar, bells

Recorder live October 8, 2008 at Interzona, Verona, Italy

Mastering La Mole Recording, Torino, Italy

CD, Atavistic, 2010


Haru no omoi

1. Honoho no ko

Ramona Ponzini: vocals – Maurizio Opalio: acoustic guitar, antique accordion – Roberto Opalio: effects

lyrics – Yosano Akiko, taken from Midaregami, tanka no. 357

2. Sakura no hana no oto ga kikoeru

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, lyrics – Roberto Opalio: prepared toy piano

3. Sono ko hatachi

Ramona Ponzini: vocals – Maurizio Opalio: classical guitar – Roberto Opalio: mini keyboard, wordless vocals

lyrics: Yosano Akiko, taken from Midaregami, tanka no. 6

4. Yume no hanashi

Ramona Ponzini – vocals / Maurizio Opalio – elecritc guitar / Roberto Opalio

lyrics: Yosano Akiko, taken from Teihon Yosano Akiko Zenshu

5. Haru wa akebono

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, Maurizio Opalio: bell, cymbal, gong – Roberto Opalio: gong, cymbal, percussion

lyrics: Sei Shonagon, excertp from Makura no soshi

6. Akatsuki no hoshi

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, wind chimes – Maurizio Opalio: electric guitar, glockenspiel – Roberto Opalio: wordless vocals, mouth harmonica

lyrics: Yosano Akiko, excerpt taken from Teihon Yosano Akiko Zenshu

7. Chisaki yume

Ramona Ponzini: vocals, furin – Maurizio Opalio: classical guitar – Roberto Opalio: prepared toy keyboard

lyrics: Yosano Akiko, taken from Midaregami, tanka no. 399

All lyrics selected by Ramona Ponzini

Cover art – black&white film photo taken by Ramona Ponzini in Kanazawa, Japan

Mastered at La Mole Recording, Turin, Italy.
Material selected by Hideo Ikeezumi.

CD, PSF Records (JAPAN)


Ramona Ponzini, young vocalist of Italian PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST, marvellously gave new life to the precious soul of Japan – the soul that contemporary Japan has lost these days.” PSF Records – Tokyo

 “[..] Truly magical deeply mysterious transporting psychic soundtracks to a series of sonic dreams, expertly crafted to magnify and elevate the listening pleasure of even the most ardent psychedelic listener. A tribute to romantic Japanese poet Yosano Akiko, and essential listening for all of us. Just amazing” – George Parson, editor, DREAM MAGAZINE (USA)

 “[..] I doubt you’ll hear a more beautiful, tranquil and enchanted record this year – really you’ve just cant help but fall in it’s sonic warmth and lushness and drift off” – Roger Batty, MUSIQUE MACHINE (UK)

“[..] As in traditional Japanese music, much is made of the power of the silence, the resonance of decaying tones, and the weight of the suspenseful interval. Listening to Ponzini, in my minds eye I see the heroine of the first chapter of the 1966 Japanese compendium horror film ‘Kwaidan’ – the supernatural “woman with the long black hair” as she extracts her revenge against the archetypal unreliable husband. From the opening [track] to the closing [one], where accordion drones leave inedible tracks in the mind, not a note or instrumental choice seems anything other than deeply considered and transcendentally placed.” – Tony Dale, TERRASCOPE (UK)

Painting Petals On Planet Ghost

Fallen camellias

Ramona Ponzini – vocals, Japanese bells & wind chimes
Maurizio Opalio – acoustic & electric guitars, glockenspiel, antique accordion
Roberto Opalio – mini-keyboard, mouth harmonica, field recordings

Recorded Fall 2006
Mixed in Winter 2007 by Maurizio & Roberto Opalio at Space Studio, Torino, Italy
Produced by Roberto Opalio
Lyrics selected by Ramona Ponzini, taken from Yosano Akiko’s poems

Cover – polaroid photo by Ramona Ponzini

CD, A Silent Place, 2008


Second full-lenght album from Italy’s Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, aka brothers Maurizio & Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) and vocalist Ramona Ponzini (also involved in the duo Praxinoscope, as well as a new project with Z’ev). ‘Fallen Camellias’ is a tribute to one of the greatest poetess ever, Japanese Yosano Akiko, whose work in literature in the early 1900’s is considered as manifesto of the Japanese Romanticism. Imagine a Vashti Bunyan or a early Marianne Faithful singing sweet melodies in Japanese language, and you can have an idea of the musical and poetical universe of Painting Petals On Planet Ghost. Here Ramona Ponzini’s singing comes from the use of Akiko’s selected original poems in Japanese along with Ponzini’s own typical soft and enchanting wordless vocals style, a out of time muse-like chant hypnotizing the ears and the minds of the listeners. The songs of ‘Fallen Camellias’ are built on acoustic guitar melodies composed by Maurizio Opalio, and are made of the same pure, melancholic essentiality of the legendary Nick Drake; while, after contributing arrangements of the most ecstatic nature, the other brother Roberto Opalio has played the role of producer of the whole album, searching for not only an aesthetic, but especially an emotional ideal of perfection. In the heart of winter covered by snow, let ‘Fallen Camellias’ be your warm blanket, as well as the promise of a new future spring. Here’s a special Painting Petals On Planet Ghost’s dedication: ‘For those who drink the wine of love springtime is forever’. (A Silent Place)


Ramona Ponzini & Z'ev


1: I Stared into the Dark
2: My Nose is Bleeding. I Shed Tears
3: I Lose Consciousness
4: I Lost Faith in Mankind
5: I Lost the Cosmos

Ramona Ponzini: voice & lyrics, Japanese wind chimes, bells and wooden percussions

Z’EV: percussions

Rendering and recoding in Peckham, England; August-September 2006

Photography by Ramona Ponzini taken in Kanazawa, Japan, August 2004

A Silent Place, 2008 – ASP32


Ramona’s personal touch is certainly her own particular Japanese chant, together with the use of traditional percussions, bells and cymbals from Japan. Z’EV has been enchanted by all those elements (listening to Praxinoscope), asking to Ramona for this cooperation. This is the result of this “long-distance encounter”. ANKOKU is a Japanese word which means “deep darkness”. For this debut Ramona’s voice and percussions has been registered by My Cat is an Alien in their mysterious studio, placed somewhere in Western Alps, adding some field recordings. Recordings has then been sent to Z’EV who has processed them with some of his typical percussions. Z’EV deconstruct the sweetness of Ramona’s chants, enfolding the pieces with a darker atmosphere. We have an obscure 5 tracks album, structured on charming vocal melodies moving out from a “haunted house”. (A Silent Place)

“Ankoku (“oscurità profonda”) è il risultato dell’incontro tra Ramona Ponzini e Z’ev, nato con l’omonimo album del 2007. Z’ev, al secolo Stefan J. Weisser, è il leggendario artista americano considerato tra i pionieri della scena industrial. Si dedica alla sperimentazione noise sulle percussioni, e collabora con artisti del calibro di Glenn Branca, Keiji Haino e membri del Fluxus. Artista a tutto tondo, si muove dalla performance art all’arte multimediale; il suo lavoro è influenzato dalla Kabbalah e dallo studio delle musiche primitive africane ed indonesiane. Ramona Ponzini, da anni collaboratrice dei My Cat Is An Alien, nel 2004 fonda con loro il progetto Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, in cui il proprio inconfondibile canto e recitato in giapponese unito alla ricerca di testi letterari nipponici da trasporre in musica le ha valso l’approdo alla prestigiosa etichetta giapponese PSF. Negli ultimi anni collabora con artisti quali Michael Morley (Dead C), Jackie-O Motherfucker e Lee Ranaldo dei Sonic Youth, col quale nel 2010 pubblica il disco “All Is Lost In Translation”. Il progetto Ankoku si regge sul dualismo perfettamente risolto tra vocalità ed elettronica. Il suono si lascia così guidare da costruzioni fluide, leggermente polverose, i cui cardini restano a volte invisibili, pur poggiando su solide basi […]” (Connessomagazine)


Michael Morley / My Cat Is An Alien / Ramona Ponzini / Lee Ranaldo

Live @Sensational Fix


‘Live @Sensational Fix’ (Michael Morley, My Cat Is An Alien, Ramona Ponzini, Lee Ranaldo)


‘Blue Ether’ (Roberto Opalio)

‘Gate the Grand Century’ (Michael Morley)

‘Verona, Interzone’ (Lee Ranaldo, Ramona Ponzini)

‘Passo Galambra’ (Maurizio Opalio)

‘Hi no tori – Firebird’ (Ramona Ponzini, Roberto Opalio)

LP, Starlight Furniture Co., 2008


On June 17, 2008, the exhibition Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix opened at LiFE in Saint-Nazaire, France, with a focus on their multi-disciplinary activities since 1981–collaborations with visual artists, filmmakers, designers, and musicians, as well as other works selected by the band. As part of the exhibition project, My Cat Is An Alien performed on stage with their long-time collaborator Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Black Magic Disco, Z’ev) singing Japanese, Michael Morley of New Zealand’s free noise band Dead C, and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. As a non-programmed live act, My Cat Is An Alien were supplied with two guitars from Sonic Youth’s memorabilia wall of old guitars. No MCIAA show would be complete without sounds and beams generated by space toy guns, which they liberated from a local vintage toys warehouse (including a toy microphone for Roberto’s vocals). Exhibition curator Roland Groenenboom recalls: “Michael Morley joined My Cat Is An Alien and Ramona Ponzini on stage for an improv piece. They were already way into developing [it] when, to their surprise, Lee Ranaldo picked up the guitar that Maurizio had left lying on stage when he moved on to playing percussion, [which only] made the already phenomenal sonic achievement even denser.” Stills from the live footage shot by Groenenboom appear on the color insert. During the performance, Roberto shot photos with a Polaroid camera supplied by LiFE’s director Christophe Wavelet – what Opalio entitles “The Sensational Fix trilogy” – which are front and back cover and labels of this LP. Side B features a collection of solo pieces by each of the five members of this extemporaneous ensemble. The perfect compendium to the unicity of this historical document. (Starlight Furniture Company/Midheaven)

Black Magic Disco

Black Magic Disco are: Maurizio Opalio, Roberto Opalio, Ramona Ponzini, Tom Greenwood

Recorded live throughout Europe, May 2005
Mastered at La Mole Recording, Torino, Italy

CD, Important Records 2007 – imprec148


Black Magic Disco is the new all-star band featuring Tom Greenwood, Maurizio & Roberto Opalio, and Ramona Ponzini. The project was borne out of an idea had by Tom Greenwood, leader of the avant-folk-blues ensemble Jackie-O Motherfucker, who invited Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka the Italian improv duo My Cat Is An Alien, and their close collaborator Ramona Ponzini (also involved with the two brothers in the projects named Painting Petals On Planet Ghost and Praxinoscope, as well as in the new collaboration with Z’ev) to perform with him for two months of touring throughout all Europe in May/June 2005. As one can imagine, the result was killer. The music which came out of the live performances was totally explosive, combining Ramona’s Japanese vocals & hypnotic chimes with Greenwood’s psych-blues guitar attitude & wild turntablism, over MCIAA’s alien cosmic flux of electric guitars, space toys & percussion, creating a still unheard of mixture of sounds unifying archaic & post-modern, western & eastern, sky & earth.This debut CD represents a unique chance to experience almost 80 minutes of that pure and magical live action, divided in four long tracks taken from the original live recordings. Black Magic Disco’s logo comes from the pencil of Roberto Opalio. The gatefold jacket CD artwork, curated by MCIAA contains some band photos taken during the live performances included in the record. (Important Records)

“Collaboration between Roberto & Maurizio Opalio (My Cat is an Alien), Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Praxinoscope) and Tom Greenwood (JoMF) is one of the finest things any of them have been involved in. This is a fantastic piece of cosmic improv with so many elements merging to create something magical: the Opalio’s space-bound electronics, percussion and guitar-manipulation, Ramona’s Japanese vocal whispers and bells and Tom Greenwood switching between psych guitar and slipping world music samples into the murky sound with dramatic effect. Highly recommended.” – BOA MELODY BAR (UK)


Painting Petals On Planet Ghost


1. Sakura no hana no oto ga kikoeru

2. Haru no hi ni

3. Harusame no furu wa namida ka

4. Haru wa akebono

5. Sakurabana

Recorded in winter 2004, Western Alps, Piedmont, Italy
Produced by Roberto Opalio

Cover art – drawing by Ramona Ponzini

LP/CD, Time-Lag Records, Maine, USA, 2005


Debut recording from Italy’s Opalio brothers (My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini. An esoteric and mesmerizing trip through space, minimalism, and emotion. Each track recorded at a different mystical location in the western alps, and centered around Ramona’s beautiful vocals, all of which are sung in traditional Japanese. Maurizio & Roberto add sparse accompaniment by means of toy piano, alien keyboard tones, antique accordion, percussion, tape effects, and some particularly evocative acoustic guitar. The whole thing comes off alternately as deeply meditative or chillingly haunted, depending on your attention & mood. Silence, space & ritual are hugely important here, with notes & words hovering frozen in time… while the My Cat Is An Alien moniker might leave some folks scratching their heads, here the Painting Petals On Planet Ghost name nails it: fragile, beautiful, cosmically isolationist, and totally spooked…” (Time-Lag)

“Painting Petals On Planet Ghost is a new project featuring space feline brothers, Maurizio & Roberto Opalio, and their longtime partner-in-crime, Ramona Ponzini. Ponzini also appeared on a duo album with Roberto last year, Praxinoscope. With that in mind, don’t expect this to sound like My Cat is an Alien with an extra collaborator. No, Painting Petals on Planet Ghost traverses new ground, staying away from the extended splendid cosmic explorations that MCIAA have become known for. Make no mistake about it, Ponzini is the shining star here. Her tentative, beautiful voice is like a beacon leading the brothers, like moths to a lamp, toward their destiny. Unless you’re fluent in Japanese, you’re not likely to have any idea what Ponzini is singing. As she recites various Japanese poems, the Opalio brothers paint an aural backdrop of loneliness and desolation. These songs are like the last will and testament of someone stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is their message in a bottle. Most haunting is “Haru No Hi Ni.” The Opalio’s solemn acoustic guitar plucks reek of desperation. Hearing it over and over again, I feel like someone is ripping my heart from my chest. Ponzini’s voice floats above the surface, doing its best to stay on top of the wreckage. Each note is like a tiny dagger filled with the worst kind of poison. Simplicity is the best weapon here, and the trio absolutely nails it. This is one of the year’s best songs, hands down. Elsewhere on this record, the backing instrumentation is even more minimal, but still works. The opener, “Sakura No Hana No Oto Ga Kikoeru” features little more than the gentle clanging of chromatic percussion underneath Ponzini’s incantations. And at the beginning of the closing piece, “Sakurabana” the trio returns to this format. As it moves forward, the brothers add melancholy drones with (what I think is) an antique accordian. The dichotomy of this and the percussion at the beginning only adds to the longing in the piece. It settles itself right into your bones. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost shows the Opalio brothers in top form. The addition of Ramona Ponzini adds an entirely new dimension to their sonic attack. The subtleties of this record are what make it so great. Well, that and the fact that Ponzini’s vocals are completely mesmerizing. Add to that the typically beautiful Time-Lag packaging, and you’ve got something essential on your hands. I can only hope that this project will be back with more sometime down the road. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost debut is absolute magic.” – BRAD ROSE, FOXY DIGITALIS



As Ramona Ponzini:

  • Ramona Ponzini x Salvo, Trees are columns with clouds on top, LP (Norma Mangione Gallery/YokiKotoKiku Records, 2019)
  • Ramona Ponzini / The Boys and Kifer, Yume no naka e, in Where is The Boys and Kifer? (2018) 
  • My Cat Is An Alien, Ramona Ponzini, Lee Ranaldo – All Is Lost In Translation, CD (Atavistic, 2010)
  • Michael Morley / My Cat Is An Alien / Ramona Ponzini / Lee Ranaldo – Live @Sensational Fix, LP (Starlight Furniture Co., 2008) 
  • Ramona Ponzini & Z’ev, ANKOKU, CD (A silent place, 2008) 
  • Ramona Ponzini & Z’ev, 7M24S, in Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music, CD (URCK Records, 2007)

As Painting Petals On Planet Ghost (Ramona Ponzini, Maurizio Opalio, Roberto Opalio):

  • 3x 1-minute track on V/A “Signalvoid” memory stick / DL Comp (2012 / ATTN: Magazine) 
  • Transparent Winter CD (expanded edition) (2012 / Silentes / Seven Solar Metals) 
  • Transparent Winter LP (2011 / Blackest Rainbow)
  • Haru No Omoi CD (PSF Japan, 2009) 
  • “Haru no kuni” on Dream Magazine #9 CD Comp + Magazine (Dream Magazine, 2009) 
  • “I lose consciousness” (split with Mykel Boyd) 7inch (Somnimage, 2008)
  • Fallen Camellias CD (A Silent Place, 2008) 
  • Fallen Camellias 1-sided 5x10inch lathe cut ART Box (Opax Records, 2008) 
  • Oounabara C20 cassette (Opax Records, 2006)
  • Oounabara 1-sided lathe cut ART-LP + DVD (Opax Records, 2006) 
  • “Oceano” on Red Gold C20 Cassette Comp. (Gold Soundz, 2006)
  • Haru LP / CD (Time-Lag Records, 2005 / 2007)

As Praxinoscope (Ramona Ponzini & Roberto Opalio):

  • Inward Eye, LP (Lost Treasure Of The Underworld Records, 2012) 
  • 3x 1-minute track on V/A “Signalvoid” memory stick / DL Comp (2012 / ATTN: Magazine)
  • For the tears of the Land_Prayers from the outer space 2 CD split MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / PRAXINOSCOPE (2011 / Elliptical Noise) 
  • For the tears of the Land_Prayers from the outer space – Vol.2 CD (2009 /Elliptical Noise)
  • For the tears of the Land_Prayers from the outer space 2xLP split MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / PRAXINOSCOPE (2009 / Important Records) 
  • Untitled #6 1-sided C20 cassette (Opax Tapes, 2008) 
  • Epocsonixarp LP / CD-r (Opax Records, 2006) 
  • s/t Picture Disc LP (A Silent Place, 2006) 
  • s/t CD-r (Opax Records, 2005)

As BLACK MAGIC DISCO (Ramona Ponzini, Tom Greenwood, Maurizio and Roberto Opalio):

  • s/t CD (2007 / Important Records)
  • s/t 2xLP (2007 / A Silent Place)


Ramona Ponzini’s debut dates back to 2005 with the project Painting Petals On Planet Ghost (along with the Turin duo My Cat Is An Alien), focused on Japanese poetry as a privileged source of musicable lyrics, which landed on PSF Records, Japan’s cult label of artists such as Keiji Haino and Kaoru Abe. Over the years, Ponzini has collaborated with prominent figures such as Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O Motherfucker, and with industrial percussionist Z’ev, with whom she publishes the album Ankoku.

Her solo project, developed since 2016 and with which she performs in various festivals and institutions, consists of an unusual DJ set characterized by the use of vinyls, field recordings, Japanese bells and wind chimes, contaminated by a bare singing in Japanese language, a signature style that has always distinguished her live acts.

In 2016 she founded, together with curator Matteo Mottin, Treti Galaxie, a contemporary art project that organizes exhibitions of young emerging artists.

In 2018 she was resident dj at OGR in Turin during the exhibition Dancing is what we make of falling, curated by Samuele Piazza and Valentina Lacinio.

Her latest project is Trees are columns with clouds on top, a vinyl and a sound performance dedicated to master Italian painter Salvo.

Website Credits: Siliqoon Agency

Live Acts

  • 21 February 2020: sound performance in dialogue with Hannah Black’s work, Dancing is what we make of falling 2 | MY BODIES, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • Varvara Festival, with RPM Watts, 23 November 2019, Bunker, Turin, Italy

  • Ramona Ponzini x Salvo, Trees are columns with clouds on top, Saturday, 2 November 2019, Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin, Italy

  • Jazz is dead! Festival, Sunday, 26 May 2019, Turin, Italy

  • Where is the boys and kifer? Part II, 17 July, 2019, Brera Academy, Milan, Italy

  • Where is the boys and kifer? Part I, 14 November 2018, Marselleria, Milan, Italy

  • It raises and spreads in the air, Ramona Ponzini plays Paola Anziché, 19 september 2018, Bunker, Turin, Italy

  • 13 September 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Tracey Moffatt’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • 21 September 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Jacolby Satterwhite’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • 5 October 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Roee Rosen and Goldschmied & Chiari’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • 12 October 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Loretta Fahrenholz’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • 15 October 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Wu Tsang’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • 19 October 2018: sound performance in dialogue with Hardeep Pandhal and Sonya Boyce’s work, DANCING IS WHAT WE MAKE OF FALLING, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

  • Teatrum Botanicum, Saturday 17 September 2016, PAV, Turin, Italy

  • Varvara Festival, 14 May 2016, Superbudda, Turin, Italy

  • Nov 24-25, 2011: two days residency @London Cafe Oto: MY CAT IS AN ALIEN + PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST

  • Nov 23 2011: special broadcast @London RESONANCE 104.4 FM : MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / RAMONA PONZINI / KEN HOLLINGS in ‘Ghost Blood Spectrum’ a live mind clash collaborative performance, a new form of spontaneous radio theater event involving music, sound poetry, a multi-layered collision of texts and vocals in different languages melt with alien sounds

  • Ankoku Live with Z’ev, All Frontiers Festival, 27 September 2010, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy

  • Ankoku Live with Z’ev, Hundebiss Night, July 2010, Milan, Italy

  • Live with Lee Ranaldo and My Cat Is An Alien, INTERZONA, 8 October 2008, Verona, Italy

  • Live at Sonic Youth etc: Sensational Fix, with Lee Ranaldo, Michael Morley, My Cat Is An Alien, June 17 2008, LiFE, Saint Nazaire, France

  • Black Magic Disco European Tour, May/June 2005


March 1, 2021

Exhalation: a new sound collage and a reading for ON AIR

I’ve been invited by Alessandra Poggianti and Juan Pablo Macias to contribute to ON AIR, a collaborative project that works as an online-offline content hub on air, atmosphere,  environment and breathing.

For AIR COLUMNS I made a reading of Ted Chiang’s short story “Exhalation”, accompanying it with an original background sound intervention. While, for the ARCHIVE, I realized a new sound collage mixing field recordings and iconic characters’ voices from different movies.

Enjoy! (And breath…)




Also on Spotify: click here

Images: Alan Stefanato, Untitled, 2021


February 4, 2021

Special guest at Castello di Rivoli – Museo d’arte contemporanea

Pictures taken during the opening of the Castello di Rivoli – Museo d’arte Contemporanea on February the 4th.

I’ve been invited, among other artists, by Director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev to talk about some of the artworks belonging to the permanent collection and the exhibition “Espressioni. The Proposition”. I choose Stainway & Sons (1987) by Bertrand Lavier and The Rant (2006) by Chris Burden. 

Special thanks to Giulia Colletti

September 30, 2020

Trees are columns with clouds on top: second edition out now!

I’m thrilled to announce that the second edition of Trees are columns with clouds on top it’s now available!

For information or to purchase your copy send an email to: info@normamangione.com or visit the website http://www.normamangione.com


June 5, 2020

Music Without Images: new sound piece for POLVERE

I’ve been invited by Ornella Paglialonga to participate with a new sound piece to Polvere, a podcast series dedicated to music and sound poetry hosted by Pillow Talk. 
You can find it here and on Spotify

The project Music Without Images for POLVERE is Image. Sound. Sounds experienced through images. Field recordings where the “field” corresponds to the visual field. A collage, a mix of music listened through a screen, through precise, erotic, philosophical, spiritual images, a source of two-dimensional dreamlike nourishment, from which to leave in order to come back to the physicality and corporeality of the sound itself and of life, as in a ritual.

May 28, 2020

Special playlist for Dancing Is What We Make Of Falling

I’ve been invited to create a playlist to illustrate the amazing experience of Dancing is what we make of falling, the show curated by Samuele Piazza and Valentina Lacinio at OGR, for which I had the pleasure to play as resident dj. You can find it here

February 25, 2020

Sound performance for Salvo’s solo show “Autogrill” | Mehdi Chouakri Gallery, Berlin

Due to the health emergency in Italy all the upcoming live acts are postponed until further notice.

On March 14 I’ll have the pleasure and honor to play a sound performance during the opening of “Autogrill”, Salvo’s solo show at Mehdi Chouakri Gallery in Berlin.

On the occasion of the exhibition will be presented a special reprint of the vinyl “Trees are Columns with Clouds on Top”. To pre-order your copy, please write to info@normamangione.com

See you in Berlin!

January 28, 2020

Dancing is what we make of falling 2 | MY BODIES | OGR, Turin

Due to the health emergency in Italy all the upcoming live acts are postponed until further notice.

I’m glad to announce my participation in Dancing is what we make of falling 2 | MY BODIES, an exhibition curated by Valentina Lacinio and Samuele Piazza at OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino.

From February 21 until March 22, I will play a musical introduction conceived in resonance with the theme of each event.


November 2, 2019

Trees are columns with clouds on top | Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin

Here are some pictures taken during the performance and vinyl launch of Trees are columns with clouds on top at Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin, during Artissima Fair week.

Photos by Domenico Conte.

May 26, 2019

Jazz is dead! 2019 | San Pietro in Vincoli, Turin

Pictures taken during Jazz is dead! 2019, where I had the pleasure to play the opening act for Evan Parker and Thurston Moore.

October 19, 2018

Dancing is what we make of falling | OGR, Turin

A selection of pictures taken during the exhibition curated by Valentina Lacinio & Samuele Piazza at OGR Torino. 

Dancing Is What We Make Of Falling is “a statement on what art can do in times of crisis (quoting poet and researcher Fred Moten). It’s a series of 6 different events crossbreeding visual and video art and a proper public program, framed within a critical view on society and the city by minorities, or by groups suffering a general denial of agency”. (Giovanni Comoglio for Domus)

Photos by Domenico Conte.

September 19, 2018

It raises and spreads in the air – Ramona Ponzini plays Paola Anziché | Bunker, Turin

A short video of my performance at Bunker, where I created a live set interacting with a Paola Anziché’s sculpture.

Video by Andrea Migliorati & Cristina Ruggieri (PAYNOMINDTOUS)

September 17, 2016

Teatrum Botanicum 2016 | PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Turin

I had the pleasure to play at PAV Parco Arte Vivente during the first edition of Teatrum Botanicum. My set was accompanied with an improvised dancing performance by Lucia Guarino.

PAV dedicated three days to a group of emerging artists who, with their practice, investigate in different ways the natural and ecological dimension that is typical of the contemporary art center. Teatrum Botanicum is not a conventional exhibition but a real festival, consisting of multiple interventions: performance practices, projections, talk and performance-lectures, DJ sets and live sets.

Video by Andrea Migliorati & Cristina Ruggieri (PAYNOMINDTOUS)

May 14, 2016

Varvara Festival 2016 | Superbudda, Turin

In this video, the full documentation of my performance for Varvara Preview 2016.